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Experimenting with Sheet Metal

I need to take a break from my to do list that has a very short time line.  I know that sounds counter productive to take a break when I'm short on time, but I need to zap my stress level.  Taking a mental break is therapeutic.  Writing is a great destresser for me.

Recently, I've taken a few metal work shops.  Before I could get started in the studio, I needed to buy a few new tools.....great excuse!  So new hammers, dimple pliers, rivets and files are now in the studio.  I eventually want to do some embossing, so a couple glass bowls with lids for the chemicals are sitting all clean on the shelf.  Oh, and I bought some alcohol inks for coloring metal.  It'll be an experiment.  I'm hopeful for positive results.

Enough words,  here are 3 very fast pendants from the work table.  I can see all of the changes and improvements that I will make with future pendants.  But, not bad for the first batch.

I whacked the edges with a hammer with a straight design and then used a different hammer with tiny squares for the center.  Then I placed small holes in the metal down both sides and laced some thin wire through the holes.  A couple of open spirals and blue crystals added some color.  I arched the metal a bit to give a tad bit of shape and antiqued the metal.  Did I mention the filing?  Lots and lots of filing.

This is pendant has a different texture.  I added some jump rings for interest.  This design, without the open spiral, might appeal to a guy.

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