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Earring Variations

My favorite way to relieve stress is to play with wire.  Getting ready to pack up and move 150 miles away is stressing me out.  Especially since no one knows when settlement will be scheduled.  I can only remain as calm as I possibly can and wait as patiently as I can, until the bank provides a settlement date.  Then and only then will I know when I'm to rent the truck and give a holler to my wonderful brother-in-law and my nephew to get ready to pack me up and drive me eastward.
In the meantime, I've been experimenting with a tear drop shape for earrings.  I've taken a 4" piece of 18 gauge wire, placed loops on the ends, wrapped it around a mandrel, hammered the wire to work harden and finally the experiment.

I've taken the same 3mm copper bead and wired them onto the base wire in different patterns.

I then oxidized the batch, but to my disappointment the beads did not oxidize.  The description doesn't say that there is any coating on them, but apparently there is a coating.

After I cleaned up the wire that did oxidize I think it would have been a real pain to clean each and every bead. 
I don't think I'll repeat the copper beads again, but I do like the designs, so I'll be adding some 3mm gemstones or perhaps colored glass beads.  As I write this and look at the design above, I am inspired to attach something from the top center loop, hmmm.

Above is the same design, only I have added some 24 gauge wire several times over the 18 gauge wire.  Also, this pair of earrings has a larger loop at the top.  I like the smaller loop that I made with the beaded earrings.

Now, I'm going to chill in front of the television, another way to de-stress.

I wish I knew how to take night pictures.  I just looked out the office window to a clear sky and a lovely crescent shaped moon.

Thank you for visiting.


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